A new year and new workshop

A happy new year to everyone in the stella2.0 professional community. It’s almost time for our next workshop: Wednesday 20 January, 5-8pm, at the VATE PD Room. The focus of this second workshop is ‘English teachers as writers’. In this workshop we will begin by thinking about the range of writing we do in our […]

Workshop 2, 2013: After a wild and stormy day…

… in Melbourne on Wednesday 2 October, it was great to see once again a diverse cross-section of English educators (and others) participating in the second workshop of the stella 2.0 project at VATE. The session began very informally as participants sat down with laptops or iPads or pen-and-paper (and some with wine and cheese) […]

Getting thinking about workshop 1, 2013

In the lead up to our first workshop we wanted to get the conversation started. (If you can’t make it to the first workshop then we wanted to suggest ways you might join the conversation despite not ‘being in the room’ for the first session.) This blog, the forum, website and twitter feed (@Stella2AU) should provide some […]