A new year and new workshop

A happy new year to everyone in the stella2.0 professional community.

It’s almost time for our next workshop: Wednesday 20 January, 5-8pm, at the VATE PD Room.

The focus of this second workshop is English teachers as writers’.

In this workshop we will begin by thinking about the range of writing we do in our everyday work as English teachers and teacher educators. We’ll consider some key questions:

  • What writing do you do?
  • How do you (or others) use that writing?
  • Do you write for or with your students or colleagues?
  • What possibilities are there for this writing and what constraints?
  • How do you see writing in relation to your sense of yourself as an English educator?

As in the first workshop (back in Nov 2015), we will share, through talk and writing, our experiences and understandings of these questions in our different professional contexts.

Some key details for the workshop

  • Venue: VATE PD Room: 1/134–136 Cambridge Street, Collingwood
  • 4.30-5pm: Register, have a glass of wine and something to eat; catch up with colleagues
  • 5pm: Workshop begins
  • Bring your own writing materials – digital or pen/paper
  • 8pm: Finish


As preparation for the workshop, we’ve selected a video and a reading that present different perspectives on the idea of English teachers as writers.

In this short video, Anne Whitney explains how teachers in the US have continued to write as part of the NWP in the US for over forty years. It’s one model of a professional community of teachers using writing and dialogue as part of their commitment to ongoing professional learning.

Jeni Smith and Simon Wrigley provide a brief history of teachers’ writing groups in the UK, and consider how such groups impact on teachers’ work and lives. It’s quite a different perspective on teachers as writers compared with that provided by Anne Whitney.

If you haven’t read the writing posted on the forum after the first workshop, we encourage you to take a look and respond. In fact, please consider posting your own writing up too.

Finally, on the resources page we’ve posted some additional readings which describe how other communities of teacher writers operate in various parts of the world.

See you at next week’s workshop (new colleagues friends welcome!)

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