Workshop 1, 2013: Wrap

Well, we’ve pushed off from the side of the pool, we’ve taken the first step out of the lunar module, we’ve voted for our first disappointing political candidate (mmm, perhaps not … that probably happened years ago) … we’ve … we’ll, we’ve begun. For Graham and I the development process of this project started some time ago, ostensibly near the beginning of 2013, but in reality it’s been much longer in gestation, a number of years at least.

I’m happy to report that Wednesday’s workshop, the first workshop in the stella2.0 ‘era’, went down pretty well, I think. We had a good turn out and some tasty pizza (gourmet even!), some fresh faces and some older more wizened ones too. We had ourselves some talk, some writing, some really funny jokes and laughter, we had a couple of people attending via google hangouts, we had twitter steams going (@Stella2AU), blog posts posting, (the VATE internet almost choked under the strain), HD recorders recording. Plenty going on.

If you weren’t able to come along to this first workshop, here is the quick version. We began with some general framing of the project by Graham and some reflections from Brenton Doecke and Sarah Rutherford, both of whom were involved with the original STELLA project. We were also fortunate to hear from Nikki Aharonian who spoke about her work with teachers in Israel around writing. Participants talked in small table groups about what had bought them to the workshop (why had they bothered to come all the way, after school etc). I spoke about the project a little more and introduced the website ( We had some more discussion and then some focused writing time. If you want to see what people have started to write then get over to the forum. We finished up with some sharing of writing and some encouragement to use the website, blog, forum etc to continue the conversation between now and the next workshop. Of course, most of us hung around after chatting.

We’ll be putting up some new pages on the website for workshop resources and the like, but for now, here is the PPT if you’d like to view/review.

If you were able to come along, thanks so much, we really appreciated you being there. If you weren’t able to make it along, then we hope that you’ll come along next time.

We encourage everyone, regardless of whether you made it along or not, to engage with the writing going up on the forum. Please post your own reflections, draft writing, comments on others’ writing, pictures, links, news, random weird stuff … anything you think will be interesting or useful.

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