Project outputs

Published papers and chapters

Parr, G., & Bulfin, S. (2015). Professional learning and the unfinalizable: English educators writing and telling stories together. Changing English, 22(2), 157-175. doi:

Parr, G., Doecke, B., & Bulfin, S. (2015). Stories: A common currency. Changing English, 22(2), 135-141. doi:

Parr, G., Bulfin, S., Harlowe, J., & Stock, C. (2014). English teacher professional learning: Learning to be creative and learning to become, creatively. In B. Doecke, G. Parr, & W. Sawyer (Eds.), Language and creativity in contemporary English classrooms (pp. 53-69). Putney, NSW: Phoenix Education.

Conference and seminar presentations

Parr, G., & Bulfin, S. (2015). Exploring L1 professional learning in cross-sectoral dialogic networks: The stella2.0 project. Paper presented to the International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE) Conference, Odense, Denmark, June 5th


Other related writing

Parr, G., Bulfin, S., Castaldi, R., Griffiths, E., & Manuel, C. (2014). On not becoming ‘a mere empirical existence’: Exploring ‘who’ and ‘what’ narratives in pre-service English teachers’ writing. Cambridge Journal of Education, 45(2), 133-148. doi:

Bulfin, S., & Parr, G. (2013). Teacher narratives: Making sense of English teaching: An IDIOM special issue. IDIOM, 49(3).

Parr, G., Bulfin, S., & Rutherford, S. (2013). Narratives of/in English teaching and learning. IDIOM, 49(3), 2-7.